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There are two letters contained in a book called 'The House of Lyme' by Lady Newton. The book was published by London, William Heinemann 1917. The letters were written by Richard Molyneux to Lyme Hall. The first letter was written on January 23, 1635, to his Great Uncle Peter Leigh and the second on February 16 1635 to 1636 to Peter's son Francis Leigh. Sir Richard wrote firstly to offer help when the house was damaged so badly by 'violence of the wyndes cominge together with the snowe (writes Sir Peter's agent Greimsworth). When later, Sir Peter was very ill, Sir Richard sent his letter of condolence.

Good Unckle, I have maide boulde to sende my man for the tacking of those deare you pleased to bestowe on mee, with netts, and I must entreate you to appoynte yor keeepers to assiste him; I have tow Cartes Maide of purpose, wch (by the grace of God) shalbee att Lyme uppon Twisday att night, I hadd sente them nowe, but that I feare they coulde not passe for waters, and besydes I knowe they will require sume tyme in takinge, soe that I hope they will cum soone aenuffe; I must render you Manie thanckes for all your noble ffavors, and will ever pray for yor health, esteeminge my selfe ever happie to remaine

            Yor assured lovinge Nephew and Servante

                              Richarde Molyneux.

I am hartily sorrie for the weaknes of my Uncle yr ffather, and as truly occasioned by many obligations to partake of that grieffe as any ffreind or kinsman of his whatsoever.