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This book was written after the restoration but it is about Margaret Cavandish's husband during and after the English Civil War. It is a rich source of information about the events of the war, especially in Yorkshire. The text is copied from a book dated 1903 and, though it has no copyright, would be out of copyright now anyway. As far as I can tell, the book has never been republished, so I have not sought to gain copyright for it.

Margaret's principle aim is to convince the new King Charles of her husband's bold actions in support of his father (now murdered by the regicides). She also points out the hardships the Duke of Newcastle suffered when 'banished' by the commonwealth, and the cost of the war on her husband's estate. I have kept to the original page numbering and also, as near as possible to the original spelling, there will be no contents or index added however, so please search using CTRL 'F'. Please read on.