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This web site is regularly updated and is a wealth of information about the civil war period. I have focused on Lord Molyneux because little is known of this, the second richest man in Lancashire in the seventeenth century. Like many others before and after him, he risked all for his religious faith and loyalty to the crown. As a Roman Catholic his lively-hood and perhaps his life were constantly at risk in a country so hostile to any non protestants. As the fanatical puritans and other such radicals rose to power particularly, the fifth monarchists who believed time was short to purge the country of non 'pure' christians, before the world came to an end and Jesus returned to rule the risen, Molyneux and his persuasion, were likely to be murdered without even a trial. With a Roman Catholic Queen on the throne and a King who was prepared to return to the original Church of England and its vestiges of the 'old religion' he stood some chance of survival. Without his own words I can only surmise these to be part of his motives other than a general sense of loyalty to the crown.

There are links on this website that go to external sites but I cannot be held responsible for the content of those other sites but I will endeavour to check continually that the links are still active

The emphasis of our site is on stimulating interest in our period. We hope you will find this website interesting. Because the information is so frequently updated, please check out this site as often as you can. If you are writing a history project about our period, you will find many resources already on the history pages. We have examples of prices people paid for food and other goods, and the coins they paid for them with.There is even a full diary copied out from two years of the civil war, written by a Royalist trooper. We have descriptions of some of the battles that took place and also some poetry from the period. There are lots more being prepared of course, and you can make suggestions about what you would like to be included by e-mailing info@molyneuxs.com . Good information is already provided elsewhere on the web so there are hyperlinks to them on the 'Links' page too. There are many pictures on the site and they are all of the Sealed Knot or the English Civil War Society, both of which I am a member. I am now offering Bandoliers for C17th musketeers and they can be found at the 'online shop' where you can see a video of my visits to inspect and measure bandoliers in the vaults of the Tower of London collection as well as footage of me making the powder boxes on a treadle lathe in the traditional way.

  Royalist army at the 2006 re-enactment of the battle of Nantwich displaying the regimental colours. The gold cross Moline on the blue background belongs to Molyneuxs. Photo's courtesey of  'Rusty, Mistress Aldwinckle - Sealed  Knot.' 

We are keen historians who have a special interest in the English Civil War when the kingdom was split, even within families, into warring factions. The Molyneux family however were wholly royalist and suffered considerably for this commitment.

You can contact me by e-mail at: Graham@molyneuxs.com .

Many of the pictures on this website are taken at Sealed Knot or English Civil War Society events. If you would like to join either of these organisations, you may be interested in the information that is provided on these pages.

The information contained here is far less than even one percent of that which I have on paper. Every time I transcribe something (copy paste being useless with C17 text) I find more. If there is anything you need; I can send it to you in the post if you pay for the copying and the postage: I ask for nothing more, except perhaps a little patience when awaiting the copies.

If there is anything you think should be included on the site; please don't hesitate to let me know.