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Preston Moor June 20th 1642 (Reading of the Commission of array).

Siege of Manchester 24th to 30th September 1642.

Edgehill 23rd October 1642.

Brill on the Hill (Oxford) 27th January 1643.

Storming of Lancaster 18th March 1643.

Preston 20th March 1643.

Blackburn 20th March 1643.

Whalley 20th April 1643.

Brampton Bryan Castle 27th July 1643.

Bristol (Storming of Prior's Fort) 26th July 1643.

Gloucester (Siege) 26th to 31st August 1643.

Newbury 20th September 1643.

Chipping Camden in North Gloucester.

Storming of Bolton 28th May 1644.

Siege of Liverpool 11th June 1644.

Marston Moor 2nd July 1644.

Ormskirk 20th August 1644.

Montgomery Castle 18th September 1644.

Siege of Leicester 30th May 1645.

Naseby 14th June 1645.

Bewdley August, 1645

Belvoir Castle October 1645.

Stafford 1st January 1646.

Ludlow surrender 27th May 1646.