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Battle re-enactments

There are regular events such as the Whitehall parade in London that is done on or near to the Sunday of January 29, when the King was publicly murdered at Whitehall. The London commemorative parade is conducted by the King's Army who form part of the English Civil War Society. Sometimes on the very same day, or on the weekend before or after, the Sealed Knot have a parade and battle at Nantwich in Cheshire. The Nantwich event is on or near Holly Holy Day.

By battle re-enactment; the list being under the Events section, I mean C17th and not just English Civil War. It is becoming more and more common for events to be multi-period in that there may be Romans appearing in the same arena as English Civil War regiments and then Napoleonic English and French Grenadiers. Should I be attending any events where there are other such period present, I shall include them here.

Currently there are no events, other than English Civil War, to announce at this time. If you know of some and would like them to be included, please do let me know at Multiperiod Events.