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                           Types of events that can be put on for you.                          

Everyone has different needs. At Detling, in Kent, along with the rest of the Sealed Knot, we re-enacted a Civil war battle with cannon and horse. More that 3,000 members attended Detling, which is an international re-enactment event Rubbing shoulders with American Indians, sharing a birthday cake with a WWII WREN while a Lancaster bomber Reconnoitered the Belgian Napoleonic lancers. At the opposite end of the scale, twenty or so of us dressed as seventeenth century pirates and, from a scratch built galleon, fired cannons as a send off for two charity rowers.

At Llanciach Fawr, Winchester's regiment of the ECWS erected several tents and recreated a living history camp in the grounds of this wonderful historic building. With a cannon firing every hour to keep the time and the excellent drills, the scene was set for King Charles' historic visit.

Some fantastic buildings are under threat. Some may be torn down and some converted to golf houses, and some become hotels. Such places are no longer then accessible to the general public. A civil war event brings in visitors and raises the profile of these great houses and estates. some Tudor and Stewart buildings are now antique sales places.  Sales increase as audiences of thousands of the public descend on the stalls: beside the Re-enactors themselves, buying items of interest.

Many places of historic importance lie unnoticed by the public and need an event to 'get the ball rolling'. What better way than to surround the place with our colourful regiments and flags. Almost all our flags have the canton of St George, a perfect addition to any St George's day celebration. We have such a vast number of resources to call upon, we have even been known to drink village pubs dry.

From 20 or so people, demonstrating seventeenth century life, to large scale battles, there are organisations that can help. I can even make suggestions if you would like but my own displays are C17th living history only. I provide Early Modern, that is C17th period wood turning demonstrations as you can see on those pages. I have my own full indemnity insurance and provide a risk analysis. If you would like to consider me for an event you are organising, please do come along to watch me at one of the events listed on those pages. You will see crowds of people watching off-centre turning, narrow deep hole hollowing, screw threading on a lathe and get a chance to turn the great wheel to drive the lathe too. Children take away ringlets of wood from when they turned the wheel but most of all I hope to fascinate them with the sophistication of our forebears and the great english craftsmen.

             E-mail events@molyneuxs.com for details.