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Many people ask me where I get my information from. Well I own a lot of books but the library has many more. Here is a good selection below.

a)  Charles's letters exist in many places, the various publications that include them often duplicating each other. Not all the letters have been printed and there is no collected edition of those that have. The original letters are in various manuscript collections including the Clarendon MSS in the Bodleian Library, the Strafford MSS in the Central Library, Sheffield, the MSS of the Duke of Beaufort, the Domestic State Papers in the Public Record Office, and the MSS of the House of Lords. Among important printed sources are:

Cabala sive scrinia sacra , 1654 and later 1787.

Bromley, G., Collection of Original Royal Letters .

Letters to King James the Sixth from the Queen, Prince Henry, Prince Charles (these are fascimiles), Maitland Club, No. 35, 1835.

Halliwell, J. O., Letters of the Kings of England , 1846.

Ellis, H., Original Letters Illustrative of English History : 1st Series, vol. 3; 2nd Series, vol. 3; 3rd Series, vol. 4., 1824-6.

Petrie, C., The Letters, Speeches and Proclamations of King Charles I . This is a small selection, as is a later edition, 1935.

Letters concerning the Spanish Match are in the Hardwicke Papers , vol. I printed from the Harleian MSS; so are letters and documents concerning the Earl of Bristol printed from the State Papers.

Letters, etc. concerning the Isle of Rhé are in the Hardwicke papers , vol. II, printed from the State Papers.

Kensington's (Holland's) proxy courtship letters of Henrietta-Maria are in Cabala .

Charles's own courtship letters to Henrietta-Maria are in the Clarendon MSS and calendared in the Clarendon State Papers .

Letters from Charles to Strafford are in W. Knowler, The Earl of Strafford's Letters and Despatches , 1739.

The correspondence of Charles and Secretary Nicholas in 1641 is in an Appendix to most editions of Evelyn's Diary and Letters .

Charles's letters to James, Duke of Hamilton, are in G. Burnet, Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton , 1677.

The correspondence captured by Parliament after Naseby was published in many forms, generally called The King's Cabinet Opened , from 1645 onwards. The original letters are among H/Lords MSS, 6, I.

Charles's letters to Henrietta-Maria from Newcastle in 1646 were published by J. Bruce as Charles I in 1646 , Camden Society, 1856.

Charles's letters to Glamorgan (Worcester) are in MSS Duke of Beaufort, calendered in H.M. Comm. Duke of Beaufort , 12, IX.

Charles's letters to Ormonde are in the Carte Papers .

'Escape' letters of Charles to Firebrace while at Carisbrooke are in an Appendix to P. Barwick, Life of John Barwick , 1724.

b)  Charles's Speeches and Proclamations.

Some will be found in Petrie (above), in the Proceedings of Parliament (below), in Rushworth (below) as well as in separate publications. Important are the

Reliquiae Sacrae Carolinae , 1649.

Bibliotheca Regia 'such of the papers . . . as have escaped the wrack and ruine of these times', 1659.

Charles's disputations with Henderson at Newcastle in 1646 are in the Reliquiae (above) as well as being published separately.

Unlike his father, Charles wrote very little apart from a few odd verses, a paraphrase or two, a few lists and many annotations. His chief period of composition was in captivity and resulted in the Eikon Basilike , published immediately after his execution. The generally accepted view now is that the Eikon was written jointly by Charles and John Gauden, Bishop of Worcester, see

Madan, F. F., A New Bibliography of the Eikon Basilike , 1950.

Roper, H. R. Trevor, History Today , 1951.

Herbert, however, thought that some of the sheets that Charles was handling were not in his own handwriting. It cannot be certain how far Herbert was reliable. But the sentiments of the Eikon so strongly accord with Charles's own, and the style so strongly resembles his, that there can be little doubt that Charles was closely involved. Perhaps his drafts were prepared for the printer by Gauden and the sheets Herbert saw Charles handling were in the nature of 'proofs'. Someone was certainly operating on the practical side to have the machinery of printing and distribution ready to operate immediately after the King's death. See also

The Last Counsel of a Martyred King , 1660.

Heylin, P., The Works of King Charles I . . . with the Life and Reign , 1735.

Chalmers, G., The Poetic Remains of some of the Scottish Kings , 1824 (includes 'Majesty in Misery' said to have been written at Carisbrooke by Charles in 1648 and 'Lines on a Quiet Conscience' from Woty's Poetical Calendar , vol. VIII, also attributed to Charles, though without date).

C—State Papers, Etc.

The official State Papers Domestic cover a vast variety of state and inter-departmental correspondence and instruction, memoranda, reports; they include reports of foreign missions, letters to and from Ambassadors, they record official payments, they include letters and instructions from the King and petitions from ordinary people. They are calendared as Calendar of State Papers Domestic .

The Reports from the Venetian Ambassadors in London to the Doge and Senate at Venice cover the period. A tradition of keen observation, generally accurate, makes them enjoyable and useful reading. They are translated and calendared as Calendar of State Papers Venetian .

Other collections of State Papers include

Rushworth, J., Historical  Collections of Private Passages of State etc., 7 vols, 1659 ff.; later eds. 8 vols, 1680-1701.

Nalson, J., An Impartial Collection of the Great Affairs of State etc., 2 vols, 1682-3.

For Scotland the Letters and State Papers during the Reign of King James the Sixth contain useful material concerning the baby Charles, Abbotsford Club, VI, 1838.

Letters to King James the Sixth contain early letters of Charles and his family as well as the Accounts of the Lords High Treasurers of Scotland published as an Appendix to the Introduction which are useful for Charles's birth and nursery years.

Statutes of the Realm

Besides the official publication there are several abridged editions:

Firth, C. H. and Rait, R. S., Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum 1642-1660 , cover the period when Charles was absent from Westminster, 1911.

Steele, R. R., Bibliotheca Lindesiana (a bibliography of royal Proclamations), 1910.

Rymer, T. and Sanderson, R., Foedera , includes many pronouncements made by the Privy Council during the Personal Rule, 20 vols, 1704-32.

Records of the Privy Council

The Privy Council Registers are officially published in full transcript as

Acts of the Privy Council of England, New Series, 1542-1631 , 46 vols, 1890-1964.

The Registers for 1631-1637 are reproduced photographically on micro-opaque cards, 1962.

The Registers for 1637-1645 are published as slightly reduced facsimiles in codex form, 6 vols, 1967-68.

D—Various Collections

Many news-letters from the State Papers in the Public Record Office have been transcribed by Thomas Birch and edited by R. F. Williams in 4 vols as The Court and Times of James I and The Court and Times of Charles I , 1849.

The Letters of John Chamberlain (many of which are in the State Papers and are included in Birch (above)) were edited in 2 vols by N. E. McClure, 1939.

The despatches of the agent of the Grand Duke of Tuscany are full of interest. They are calendared in Reports of the H.M. Comm. , 11, i (Skrine MSS).

Harleian Miscellany: or a collection of scarce, curious, and entertaining tracts . . . found in the late Earl of Oxford's library , ed. W. Oldys, 8 vols, 1744-6; ed. T. Park, 10 vols., 1808-13.

Somers Tracts . . . selected from . . . public as well as private libraries , 16 vols, 1748-51; ed. W. Scott 13 vols, 1809-15.

Howell, J., Epistolae Ho Elianae , 3 vols, 1645.

Whitelocke, B., Memorials of the English Affairs , 1682 and later.

Harington, J., Nugae Antiquae , 2 vols, 1769.

Nichols, J. (ed.), The Progresses . . . etc. . . . of King James the First (compiled from MSS and pamphlets, 4 vols), 1828.

E—Biographies of Charles

Arnway, J., The Tablet, or Moderation of Charles I, Martyr , 1649.

Wotton, H., A Panegyrick of King Charles , 1649.

Anon., The Life and Reign of King Charles or the Pseudo-Martyr Discovered , 1651.

Gerbier, B.(?), The Non-Such Charles his Character , 1651.

Lilly, W., The True History of King James the First and King Charles the First , 1651.

Weldon, A., The Court and Character of King James, Whereunto is now Added the Court of King Charles Continued unto the Beginning of these Unhappy Times , 1651.

Peyton, E., The Divine Catastrophe of the House of Stuarts , 1652.

L'Estrange, H., The Reign of Charles I , 1655.

Heylin, P., Observations upon the History (i.e. of L'Estrange, above), 1655.

L'Estrange, H., The Observator Observed , 1656.

Sanderson, W., A Compleat History of the Life and Reigne of King Charles From His Cradle to His Grave , 1658.

Van den Bos, L., The Life and Raigne of King Charles , 1658.

Rider, W., new ed. of Arnway (above), 1661.

Perrinchief, R., The Royal Martyr, or the Life and Death of King Charles I , 1676.

Butler, S., The Plagiary Exposed . . . against the Memory of King Charles I , 1691.

Hollingworth, R., The Character of King Charles , 1692.

Hollingworth, R., A Defence of King Charles , 1692.

Perrinchief, R., The Life and Death of King Charles I (similar to Perrinchief, 1676), 1693.

Harris, W., An Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Writings of Charles I , 1758.

D'Israeli, I., Commentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles I , 1828-31.

Abbott, Jacob, History of King Charles the First of England , 1848.

Guizot, F. P. G., History of Charles the First and the English Revolution , 1854.

Chancellor, E. Beresford, The Life of Charles I, 1600-1625 , 1886.

Adams, W. H. D., The White King , 1889.

Seton, W. W., The Early Years of Frederick Henry, Prince of Wales and Charles, Duke of Albany , 1916.

MacKilliam, A. H., Charles the First , 1917.

Coit, C. W., The Royal Martyr , 1924.

Higham, F. M., Charles I , 1932.

Belloc, H., Charles the First , 1933.

John, Evan, King Charles I , 1933.

Brookes, J., A Vindication of Charles I , 1934.

Pakenham, M. P., Charles I , 1936.

Stratford, E. Wingfield, Charles, King of England (3 vols), 1948-50.

French, A., Charles I and the Puritan Upheaval , 1955.

Wedgwood, C. V., The King's Peace, 1637-1641 , 1955.

Wedgwood, C. V., The King's War, 1641-1647 , 1958.

Toynbee, M. R., Charles the First , 1964.

Hibbert, C., Charles I , 1968.

Bowle, J., Charles I , 1975.

Carlton, C., The Personal King , 1983.

Sharpe, K., The Personal Rule of Charles I, 1992

F—Particular Studies of Charles

Williamson, H. Ross, Charles and Cromwell , 1946.

Young, G. M., Charles I and Cromwell , 1950.

Dobson, J., The Children of Charles I , 1975.

Hibberd, C., Charles I and the Popish Plot , 1983.

G—Particular Episodes in Charles's Life: The Sources Given below Are a Few of the Most Useful

1—Birth and Childhood

Chancellor (above) is the only one who deals with the early years in any detail.

Carey, Robert, Earl of Monmouth, Memoirs of the Life of Robert Cary, Baron of Leppington and Earl of Monmouth. Written by himself, and now published from the original manuscript in the custody of John Earl of Corke and Orrery, 1759

Cantrell, Henry, The Royal Martyr, a true Christian , 1716 (for the baptism of Charles).

Keevil, J. J., 'The Illness of Charles, Duke of Albany from 1600-1612', Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences , Vol. IX, No. 4, October, 1954.

Arbuckle, W. F., 'The Gowrie Conspiracy', Scottish Historical Review , 36, pp. 1 ff and 89 ff, 1957.

2—Spanish Marriage

The Hardwick State Papers vol. I are the main repository of the letters from Charles, James, Buckingham, Bristol and contain the answers of Bristol to the charges against him. Also

Wotton, H. The Life and Death of George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham , in Reliquiae Wottonianae (reasons for going).

Chamberlain, J. Letters , Vol. II, 480-81 (for the return from Spain).

Journals of the House of Lords , Vol. III, 220-33 for Buckingham's 'Narration'.   Proposed Spanish Marriage Treaty, and the negotiations , Clarendon MSS., Rushworth I, 76 ff; Fray Francisco de Jesus, 'Narrative of the Spanish Marriage Treaty', ed. S. R. Gardiner, Camden Soc. , 1869.

'The Earl of Bristol's Defence of his Negotiations in Spain', Camden Soc. Misc. VI , 1871.

3—Cadiz and La Rochelle

Glanville, J. 'The Voyage to Cadiz in 1625'; Camden Soc, 1883.

Journal of all the Proceedings of the Duke of Buckingham in the Isle of Ree , 1627.

4—Civil War

Manley, T., Iter Carolium , Jan. 1642-1649, 1660.

Walker, E., Historical Discourses , 1705.

Maseres, F. (ed.), Select Tracts relating to the Civil Wars in England , 2 vols, 1815.

Parsons, D. (ed.), The Diary of Henry Slingsby (1638-45) , 1836.

Cary, H. (ed.), Memorials of the Great Civil War, 1642-52 , 2 vols. 1842.

Symonds, R., Diary of the Marches of the Royal Army 1644-5 , Camden Soc., 1859.

Peacock, E. (ed.), Army Lists of Roundheads and Cavaliers . . . 1642 , 1874.

Langmead, T. L. (ed.), Sir Edward Lake's account of his Interview with Charles I , Camden Soc., 1858.

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Herbert, T., Threnodia Carolina , being the 1st ed. of Herbert's Memoirs of the last two years of the Reign of . . . King Charles I (other eds 1702, 1813, infra Stevenson, etc.) 1678.

Peck, F. (ed.), Desiderata Curiosa , 2 vols, 1732-5; (contains much material on escape to the Scots), 1779.

Birch, T. (ed.), Letters . . . Hammond . . . relating to King Charles I while he was confined in Carisbrook , 1764.

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Stevenson, G. S. (ed.), Charles I in Captivity from Contemporary Sources . Contains Herbert's Memoirs , Narratives of Col. Edward Cooke, Major Huntington, Henry Firebrace, 1927.

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6—Trial and Execution

Nalson, J., A True Copy of the Journal of the High Court of Justice for the Tryal of King Charles I , 1684.

Herbert, T., Memoir of the Last Years of the Reign of King Charles I to which is added a Particular Account of the Funeral of the King , several eds, 1678.

The State Trials , vol. IV, (ed. from contemporary sources by W. Cobbett, T. B. Howell and others) 1809-28.

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Lockyer, R., Trial of Charles I , 1959.

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The newssheets for end Jan. and beginning Feb., 1649.

H—Particular Topics

1—Ships and the Navy

Heywood, T., A True Description of His Majestie's Royal Ship [the Sovereign of the Seas], 1637.

Oppenheim, M., A History of the Administration of the Royal Navy and of Merchant Shipping in Relation to the Navy from 1509 to 1660 , 1896.

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Pett, P., The Autobiography of Phineas Pett , ed. W. G. Perrin, 1918.

Davis, R., The Rise of the English Shipping Industry , 1962.


Smith, S., A True Narration of the Royall Fishings of Great Britaine and Ireland , 1641.

Smith, S., The Herring-Busse Trade , 1641.

Elder, J. R., The Royal Fishery Companies of the Seventeenth Century , 1912.

3—Sovereignty of the Seas

Selden, J., Mare Clausum (written 1617 or '18, pub. 1635, trans. M. Nedham 1652).

Borough, J., The Sovereignty of the British Seas , 1633, pub. 1651.

4—Ship Money

Gordon, M. D., 'The Collection of Ship Money in the reign of Charles I', Trans.R.H.S. , 3rd S.4, pp. 141-62, 1910.

Keir, D. L., 'The Case of Ship-Money', Law Quart. Rev. , 52, pp. 546-74, 1936.

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5—Patents and Monopolies

Price, W. H., The English patents of monopoly , 1906.

Rymer, Privy Council (supra , C.)

Leonard, H. H., 'Distraint of Knighthood: the last phase, 1625-41', History , No. 63, pp. 23-7, 1978.

6—The King's Finances

Dietz, F. C., Receipts and Issues of the Exchequer during the Reigns of James I and Charles I (Smith College Studies, Northampton, Mass), 1928.

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I—The King and His Court

1—Whitehall and Architecture

Dugdale, G., Whitehall Through the Centuries , 1950.

Charlton, J., The Banqueting House , 1964.

Millar, O., The Whitehall Ceiling , 1958.

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2—The Court Masque and Order of the Garter

Simpson, P. and Bell C. P., Designs by Inigo Jones for Plays and Masques at Court (Walpole Soc.), 1924.

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Wilson, T. H., Saint George in Tudor and Stuart England-the development of the Cult of the Order of the Garter , (London M. Phil. thesis), 1976

For both 1 and 2 (above) lives of Inigo Jones, e.g.

Gotch, A., Inigo Jones , 1928.

Summerson, J., Inigo Jones , 1966.

3—Art and the King's Pictures

Waterhouse, E., Painting in Britain 1530-1790 , 1953.

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5—Portraits of Charles

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6—Little Gidding

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7—The King's Evil; The Occult, etc.

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J— The King and His Church

1—The Church of England and the Church of Rome
Laud, biography (Q.).

Charles's own letters and speeches, etc. (B).

Gamaches, C. de, Memoirs of the Mission in England of the Capuchin Friars . . . 1630-1669 are printed in vol. II of Birch, Court and Times of Charles I (supra).

Panzani, Con, Rossetti , transcripts of the correspondence are in the P.R.O.

Panzani, G., The Memoirs of Gregorio Panzani, including an account of his Agencies in England 1634-1636 , ed. J. Berington, 1793.

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2—Puritanism and Puritan Protest

Laud's speech against Bastwick, Burton, Prynne in 1637 is in Harleian Misc.

Prynne, W., Canterburie's doome , 1646.

Thomason, G., The Thomason Tracts, 1640 - 1661. Collection of pamphlets; British Library.

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K—Political Theory

Until recently, theoretical discussion, principles of political obligation, etc. have attracted more attention than either the day-to-day happenings in Parliament or the development of Parliament itself. Thus:

Gardiner, S. R., Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution 1628-1660 , 1889.

Figgis, J. N., The Theory of the Divine Right of Kings , 1896.

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Journals of the House of Commons

Journals of the House of Lords

These Journals contain some speeches, procedural accounts, attendances, but are scrappy and incomplete.

The Old Parliamentary History , compiled 1751-62.

The Parliamentary History of England , compiled by William Cobbett 1806-20.

Both these Parliamentary histories need supplementing and should be used with caution, but they make good use of contemporary pamphlets, etc. to fill in gaps in the Journals .

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2—Particular Parliaments

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