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  • Ralph Josselin diary
  • John Evelyn Diary
  • Nehemiah Wallington diary
  • William Camden's 1607 Britannia
  • Joseph Moxon's C17th artesan treatise
  • Contemporary comparison of arms in combat.
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The sealed Knot is the main website for our organization. On the site you will be able to get information about regiments from all over the country. You will also find many resources to help with history projects.

Going BANG is the shop where you can buy my hand made English Civil War and Thirty Years War Bandoliers and other wood turned items.

Going BANG Facebook page is the place to find out where weapons will be fired at all gun powder events such as English Civil War and Napoleonic reenactments.

Croxteth Hall is the ancestral home of the Molyneux family. There are many attractions for todays family and their website may soon be updated to include historical information specific to our period. Take the children to the Farm, the adventure playground, or stroll around the country park.

Reconstructing History provides patterns for making your own clothes and is a wealth of information on different methods of constructing period garments.

The AA have a great route planner. You can use this to plan your journey to and from our events.

If you would rather go by Train please visit the National Rail Enquiries Online

There are many traders who provide excellent period equipment from arms and armour to dice and quills. Please visit the best list of traders I can find on the internet at TORM.

You can download seventeenth century fonts so that you can create literature in the correct format if you like.

You can download some historic card games that you can play alone or go online. If you download Piquet please let me know and we can play on line. Piquet was Charles and Henrietta's favourite card game.

Timelines is an excellent site for those who want a diary of events before, during and after the Civil War.

I have been watching a website develop for some time now. The project seemed such a big one to me that I thought it would eventually fail. For many years now the Samuel Pepys diary site has been added to each day. Starting Sunday January 1st, 1659 the website creator has added a diary entry every day.. Please take a look.

Ralph Josselin, the famous diarist from before during and after the English Civil War, wrote a diary from the perspective of a Parliamentarian clergyman. His simple statement that the King had been executed is chilling when read in context. Please visit the website and see for your self: The Diary of Ralph Josselin

John Evelyn's diary can be bought from most bookshops with excellent landscapes of the period. It is heavily edited and gives little insight into seventeenth century England I'm afraid. He spends much of his time traveling around Europe. The online diary however, has no pictures yet contains lots of normally omitted text. You can read the diary free and online at:The Diary of John Evelyn

A Puritan artisan, working in London during the English Civil War, documents in one of his many notebooks, the actions of the war. He names officers and men taken at some relatively unknown events. We can only assume his information came from London broadsheets which he transcribed. The Diary of Nehemiah Wallington

In 1607 William Camden wrote the history of Britain and a description of its major towns and landmarks, as well as comments on industry and politics. Now the whole volume can be viewed on line. The Website has been designed by Dana F. Sutton, with easy browsing in mind, and it is hosted by the University of California, Irvine: http://www.philological.bham.ac.uk/cambrit/

Joseph Moxon's Treatises cover building, carpentry, bricklaying, blacksmithing and wood turning. The book is free on line and gives a great insite in to C17th craftmanship.

Silver analysed the use of different weapons and the specific uses of the sword. This excellent website is very informative. http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/paradoxes.html

This is a paid resource set up by historians for historians to use. Many prmary source information is contained on the site such as house of commons debates and parliamentary reports. You can access that site at http://www.british-history.ac.uk

You Tube Resources

The Master Webbe You Tube channel shows C17th wood turning using period equipment and techniques - I especially like making gun powder boxes for bandoliers while reenactors and public look on.

More links will be added to this page if I discover any more good ones. Ideas please.