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Make History.

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History does not always have to be studied in libraries and other dimly lit rooms where information is gathered and then analysed before structuring in to assignments and essays. Come and live the part with a re-enactment group. Hear the guns fire and smell the black powder as you view the oncoming enemy through a cloud of smoke. Feel your heart pump quicker and quicker, making the drums sound distant and slow. March to the different drum beats and see the regimental colours being furled by the ensigns.

Even if you come along only once, it will have been an experience of a life time believe me.

Most organisation provide clothing and equipment for new members.

Families are always welcome: much time is spent devising activities for children.

No knowledge is needed as there are many experts to offer help and guidance.

Value for money is guaranteed. You will see this as the events pages fill up.

More questions? Please email me at info@molyneuxs.com

Join in a pike division, be a musketeer, be a drummer or take part in our living history events as a civilian. Members keep in touch through social media and periodicals. During the winter months we have social events and many organisations have banquets too.

If you are interested, please come and watch an event. There are small cameo events as well as massed battles with thousands of combatants portraying cavalry, foot and artillery..

No commitment; If you are interested in getting involved in some period recreation, let me know by filling in the form below.

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