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I am extremely grateful to Kenneth Fincham, Hon. Secretary, Royal Historical Society. Who has given me permission to add The Diary of Richard Symonds to our website, so that all can read the only diary kept by a non commissioned trooper in the English Civil War. The book was written for the Camden Society in 1859 by Charles Edward Long and, in addition to the Royal Historical Society's permission to publish, I have been allowed to take the book from the Sheffield reference library. A very precious book and a great trust has been bestowed on me by Frances Revels, Information Services Officer. I am very grateful.

Though the diary was published in 1998 by the Cambridge University Press ISBN number 0-521-62656-0 I have used only the 1859 copy. There are many descriptions of drawings, made by Richard Symonds, by C E Long. These have been omitted and replaced only with the phrase 'Description of drawing'.